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A multi-generational commitment to your family's legacy

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When you work with us, you’re part of our family.

Our team is driven by work that matters and motivated to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve.


The Guerra family, our managing partners, maintains client relationships and oversees the company.

Sebastian Guerra, President, Partner and CEO at Guerra Wealth Advisors

Sebastian Guerra

President, Partner, Senior Wealth Advisor

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Mauro Guerra, Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor of Guerra Wealth Advisors

Mauro Guerra

Founder, Partner, Senior Wealth Advisor

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Fabian Guerra, CEO of Guerra Wealth Advisors

Fabian Guerra

CEO, Partner

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Wealth Advisors

Our licensed Fiduciary Advisors establish client meetings with the New Business and Client Services teams in order to conduct portfolio construction, analysis and strategy.

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management team is designed to ensure your plan is meeting your goals and to schedule your financial reviews for allocations, withdraws, transactions and change of ownership or beneficiaries.

Mayle Labrador, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Mayle Labrador

Wealth Management Associate
Blanca Guerra, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Blanca Guerra

Wealth Management Associate
Ashley Correa, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Ashley Correa

Estate Planning Associate
Daniel Nuñez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Daniel Nuñez

Wealth Management Associate
Guerra Wealth Advisors male team member

Sebastian Coral

Wealth Management Assistant
Guerra Wealth Advisors female team member

Adrianna Charry

Wealth Management Assistant
Diego Lopez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Diego Lopez

Director of New Business and Wealth Management
Alexandra Cruz, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Alexandra Cruz

Wealth Management Assistant

Osvaldo Torres

Wealth Management Assistant


Our Operations team optimizes day-to-day procedures between departments while promoting client relationships.

Julie Reyes, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Juliet Reyes

Talent Acquisition and Compliance Director
Magda Villa, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Magda Villa

Director of Operations
Piedad Barros, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Piedad Barros

Administrative Assistant
Larissa De Lima, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Larissa De Lima

Human Resources Assistant
Glenys Bacha, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Glenys Bacha

First Impressions Coordinator

New Business

Our New Business team is designed to help you throughout the Freedom Planning process, from executing your advisor’s recommendations to ensuring the plan is established properly to helping schedule your 1-on-1 onboarding meetings.

Jacqueline Albo, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Jacqueline Albo

Onboarding Specialist
Juan Guzman Rojas, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Juan Guzman Rojas

Onboarding Associate
Janet Salgado, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Janet Salgado

Life & Annuity Specialist
Morales, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Gabriela Morales

Onboarding Specialist
Mateo Alzate, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Mateo Alzate

Onboarding Associate
Melissa Sanchez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Melissa Sanchez

Life & Annuity Specialist
Benny Rodriguez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Benny Rodriguez

Onboarding Specialist
Max Paez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Max Paez

Giovanni Jimenez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Giovanni Jimenez

Account Specialist
Mercy Velasco, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Mercy Velasco

Account Specialist

New Relations

Our New Relations team helps prospective clients to determine the right fit and manages initial appointments.

Stefanni Cavero, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Stefanni Cavero

Business Development Manager
Yoseline Cortes, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Yoseline Cortes

Discovery Specialist
Guerra Wealth Advisors female team member

Paola Ferrer

Discovery Specialist
Guerra Wealth Advisors female team member

Ashley Perez

Discovery Specialist
Guerra Wealth Advisors male team member

Giovanni Peña

Discovery Specialist


Our Marketing team coordinates 100+ events per year for prospective and existing clients while managing the firm’s online presence.

Yanell Ordonez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Yanell Ordonez

Community Engagement Specialist
Brian Corey, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Brian Corey

Marketing Director
Nancy Maldonado, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Nancy Maldonado

Client Relations Coordinator
Ely Marrero, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Ely Marrero

Senior Events Coordinator
Sydney Burnett, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Sydney Burnett

Digital Marketing Manager
Julia Koelble, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Julia Koelble

Content Coordinator
Bryan Rodriguez, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Bryan Rodriguez

Video Specialist
Kassandra Ocampo, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Kassandra Ocampo

Marketing Events Assistant

Estate, Tax and Real Estate Team

Our Estate, Tax and Real Estate team is comprised of specialized staff in their area of expertise.

Bryan Acosta, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Bryan Acosta

Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Specialist
Daniel Guarin, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Daniel Guarin, ETA, CTC, MST

Tax Planning Specialist
Leslie Marenco, Guerra Wealth Advisors

Leslie Marenco, ESQ

Estate and Probate Attorney
Guerra Wealth Advisors male team member

Anthony Dieguez, ESQ

Estate and Business Attorney

What Our Employees Say About Us

Being employed here has really improved my state of mind. The service and value that this company gives their clients is unmatched and unbelievable. I’m grateful to be a part of a team that goes above and beyond for their clients!”
– Jimmy Cardentey, Wealth Strategist

The Guerra Advisor Family